Coaching Packages and Prices

PAYG Coaching:

PAYG session-by-session coaching: $330/ session incl. GST

Psychometrics purchased separately if required.

Or save $$s with a tailored coaching plan:

Healthcare Survival Plan

9hrs Coaching/Training Online Comprising :
Coaching X 6 sessions over 3 months
PCM or LOD® psychometrics and basic debrief
Complementary Dr2Dr Self-Guided Mindfulness Course
Email & secure in-app support for 3mths

Price: $2420
Access Plan
All prices incl GST

Healthcare Leadership Plan

24hrs Coaching/Training Online Comprising:
Coaching X 10 sessions Over 6 months
PCM & LOD® psychometrics and advanced debrief
PCM “Key 2 Leadership” training (8hrs)
LOD® “Core Concepts” training (6hrs)
Complementary Dr2Dr Self-Guided Mindfulness Course
Email & secure in-app support for 6mths

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Access Plan
All prices incl GST

Ultimate Career Success Plan

Unlimited Online Coaching/Training for 1 year:
Scheduled and ad-hoc coaching over 12mths
PCM & LOD® psychometrics & expanded debrief
LOD® advanced training modules (access to 4 X 6hr modules)
PCM “Key 2 Leadership” & advanced training (access to 4 X 8hr modules)
Complementary Dr2Dr Self-Guided Mindfulness Course
Email, secure in-app, and phone support for 12mths

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All prices incl GST

Comments from participants

“David has great awareness of the working environment, and  helps focus on relevant scenarios to explore. There was openness, compassion, non-confrontational discussion, helpful humour, encouragement, and a feeling of safety…intellectual and personal.”

“… gave me the tools to organise my feelings and thoughts in a way that I can communicate more efficiently and clearly when working in a team, standing my ground but also avoiding conflict and making communication flow easily.”

“Precise, raw, and simplified explanations for very complex dynamics. Excellent!”

“David skilfully and engagingly explored applicable concepts to my life and work, helped me challenge the status quo and stimulated me to want to know more.”

“Very engaging and useful strategies for dealing with and viewing communication and conflict.”

“Great speaker, passionate about the use of PCM and LOD to improve lives.”

“I felt I was understood and listened to. My feelings mattered. Validated what I was thinking in terms of solving conflicts and showing my weaknesses to improve on.”

“Excellent program to assist with understanding your own and aspects of others personality to improve relationships and communication across professional and personal relationships.”

Frequently Asked Questions

What is coaching?

Coaching involves a partnership between coach and coachee involving inquiry, encouragement, and accountability, to increase self-awareness, motivation, and the capacity to take effective action. It can uniquely:

  • Provide a safe space to be grounded & reflect on your current and future life.
  • Help navigate challenges and crises, both professionally and personally.
  • Enable you to identify and understand emotions and emotional motivation.
  • Reveal blind spots and biases and means to navigate them.
  • Facilitate change in thinking and behaviour.
What is The Process Communication Model® (PCM)?

PCM is a comprehensive behavioural and communication framework developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler in the 1970s, effective in helping individuals understand and effectively navigate interpersonal interactions. Interpreting the results of the Personality Profile Inventory, PCM decodes personality structure to identify a person’s preferred perceptual framework and communication style and is unique in determining individual psychological needs and distress behaviours. Famously used by NASA in the selection and training of personnel to enhance team dynamics and optimise communication in the high-stress environment of space missions, PCM has been widely applied to Corporate and Organisational training and is gaining increasing traction in the Australian Healthcare System.

What is Leading Out of Drama®(LOD)?

Leading Out of Drama® (LOD) is a comprehensive training and development system created by Next Element Consulting. Assessing behaviours in drama and compassion through the online “Drama Resilience Assessment”, it is built on a model that transforms conflict into a positive force for change and innovation. Rooted in the principles of compassion, LOD empowers individuals and organisations to effectively navigate conflict by embracing the 3 core compassion skills of Openness, Resourcefulness, and Persistence. This facilitates a shift from the prevalent negative ‘Drama’ behaviours toward constructive, solutions-focused interactions that foster trust, resilience, collaboration, and accountability. Applying the principles of the LOD system reduces the emotional and organisational costs associated with unproductive conflict whilst also unlocking the potential for growth and creative performance in professional and personal settings. 

As Australian healthcare has become an increasingly stressful environment in which to work, LOD’s potential to foster compassion amid conflict has been increasingly acknowledged, leading to an expanding role in advanced professional training and leadership.

What is a coaching discovery call?

This is an introductory conversation between a potential client and a coach, designed to explore the client’s needs, goals, and challenges while providing insight into the coach’s methodology and approach. Undertaken by phone or Zoom and lasting up to 45 minutes, this complimentary session allows both parties to determine if they are a good fit for each other. The client can assess the coach’s expertise and style, while the coach gains an understanding of the client’s expectations and objectives. Overall, a coaching discovery call lays the foundation for a successful coaching relationship by ensuring compatibility and setting clear expectations.

Which coaching plan should I choose?

HEALTHCARE SURVIVAL PLAN. A budget option for those wishing to sample the coaching method over 6 sessions combined with an introduction to the revolutionary tools of either PCM or LOD®. The choice depends upon whether you wish to focus your coaching goals and action on personalised communication, motivation and distress behaviours; or on the dynamics of conflict and the application of compassion. Complimentary access to a 5-module self-guided Mindfulness course and 10 guided meditations.

HEALTHCARE LEADERSHIP PLAN. This option utilises the combined suite of psychometric profiles to provide basic grounding in the complementary techniques of PCM and LOD®. Integration of both these class-leading tools provide a robust foundation for self-development and understanding of others. PCM’s unique personalised leadership profile focuses on how to positively influence yourself and others towards shared goals, as well strategies to anticipate, recognise, and reverse harmful miscommunication. Coaching based on real-world examples, enable the coachee to solve present-day challenges and establish enduring techniques to be effective in goal achievement. Complimentary access to a 5-module self-guided Mindfulness course and 10 guided meditations is combined with support via E-mail and secure in-app “Private Sessions” communication, to facilitate ongoing progress between coaching sessions for 6 months.

ULTIMATE CAREER SUCCESS PLAN Unlimited (scheduled sessions up to weekly + ad-hoc sessions) professional coaching for 12 months with support as needed by phone, email, WhatsApp and in-app “Private Sessions” communication, provides coaching companionship and mentoring through whatever professional and personal challenges you face for an entire year. Take as deep a dive as you wish into the class-leading tools of PCM and LOD® with training in the 1:1 environment, to ensure that both models are exploited to their fullest extent. It is unlikely that there is a more comprehensive or effective coaching and training plan for doctors available today.

What if I am not satisfied?

Your satisfaction is our top priority, and evaluation and review of progress towards set goals and satisfaction are integrated into coaching sessions and routinely considered by the coach and client. Dr2Dr Coaching is committed to providing a risk-free experience, and the client can exit the coaching relationship without giving any reason.

REFUND POLICY: If you withdraw from your coaching package, you will be entitled to a pro-rata refund of the coaching package fee based on the remaining duration of the package, minus the cost of any psychometric assessments already taken.