Healthcare Leadership Plan

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Comprising 10 coaching sessions over 6 months plus:

  • Online LOD ® “Drama Resilience Assessment (DRA)”
  • Online PCM “Personality Profile Inventory (PPI)”
  • LOD ® “Core Concepts” 1:1 online training (6hrs)
  • PCM modular Leadership Course 1:1 training (8hr version) comprising:
    • Preferred communication style
    • Leadership communication assets, challenges, and blind spots Perceptual filter and unconscious biases
    • Leadership character strengths
    • Leadership energy and adaptability
    • Motivational needs and motivation blind spots
    • Decision-making style
    • Stress and Distress behaviour patterns with steps for getting back on track
    • Action plan for leadership success and agility
    • How to reduce your risk of burnout
  • Email support access to your coach.
  • Secure communication via “Private Sessions” on this website
  • Complementary Dr2Dr Self-Guided Mindfulness Course over 5 weeks with 12 guided meditation recordings.

This comprehensive plan comprises 6 months of coaching and  1:1 training with a focus on developing the communication and compassion skills to maximise influence and be an effective healthcare leader. Utilizes the latest suite of tools from the premier leadership models of Process Communication (PCM) and Leading Out of Drama (LOD)®