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NOTE: Debrief to be purchased separately (please book a PAYG Coaching Session)

The Process Communication Model (PCM) is a comprehensive behavioural and communication framework developed by Dr. Taibi Kahler in the 1970s. At its core is the PCM Profile, which decodes personality structure. This model identifies six distinct personality types present within all of us, measuring their influence on our communication style, motivational needs, and potential stress triggers.

Understanding the PCM framework will provide valuable insight into your own and others’ preferred perceptual frameworks and communication styles, and offers a unique perspective into psychological needs and distress behaviours.

NASA adopted PCM during the selection and training of their personnel, aiming to bolster team dynamics and enhance communication in the rigorous environment of space. The model has been extensively utilised in Corporate and Organisational training with over 1.5 million profiles having been undertaken worldwide. PCM is gaining increasing traction in the stressful environment of the Australian Healthcare System.