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Up to 52 coaching sessions over one year, plus:

  • Personalised debrief of PCM Profile
  • Personalised debrief LOD® Drama Resilience Assessment
  • 1:1 training in PCM following the PCM Leadership Modular training course
  • Access (if desired after PCM Modular leadership course) to further 1:1 advanced training in PCM including:
    • Communications Essentials, (8hrs)
    • Personality Structure and Essentials (8hrs)
    • Miscommunication and Distress Essentials (8hrs)
    • PCM “Seminar 2: Conflict Resolution and Motivation”
  • 1:1 LOD® “Core Concepts” Training (6hrs)
  • Access (If desired after “Core Concepts” course) to further 1:1 advanced training in LOD® including:
    • Advanced Conflict – Inter-personal Drama (6hrs)
    • Advanced Conflict – Intrapersonal Drama (6hrs)
    • Advanced Conflict – Diagnostic Skills (6hrs)
  • Email access to the coach for support.
  • Secure communication via “Private Sessions” on the Dr2Dr website
  • Phone and SMS access to the coach – all calls answered within one working day.
  • Complementary Dr2Dr Self-Guided Mindfulness Course with 12 guided meditation recordings

Access unlimited coaching for one year, with the ability to take as deep a dive as you wish into the class-leading tools of PCM and LOD® in the 1:1 environment, ensuring you can exploit these tools to their fullest extent whilst remaining tailored to your needs. Unbeatable value.

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